About densu Industries

Densu Industries is a Private Limited Liability Company. The company was started by Reckitt and Colman of the United Kingdom, as a private Limited Liability Company in February 1964. Initially, the business focused on importing Dettol, Manion and Cardinal Polish from the parent company for distribution in Ghana.
In 1965, a factory was established at Nsawam in the Eastern Region of Ghana which enabled the company to enter into the manufacturing sector. The following began the company’s production line; Destree Blue, Snowfire Range if Cosmetics (Face Powder, Body Lotion, Talcum Powder & Complexion Lotion) Brasso and Silvo Metal Polishes and Mansion Hygienic Wax Polishes.

Our Vision is to become the number-one producer and market leader for disinfectants and cleaning agents in Ghana and the West Africa Sub-Region.

Our mission is to harness local capacities for the production of top-quality disinfectants and cleaning agents that meet International Standards. We will serve our customers efficiently and timely with well trained, empowered and well-motivated employees, thereby satisfying all stakeholders consistently.

Core Values

Team Work
Customer Service
Personal Development

Our beliefs

That our products and services must give people Beauty and Health
That quality – in our products, services, and all that we do – are essential to our success
That the people of Densu Industries Ltd, are our company’s most valuable resource
That excellent financial performance is crucial to accomplish our broader purpose.

Our commitments

Our commitment is to produce first class solutions for disinfecting and cleaning purposes
We are committed to empowering our employees to provide excellent products and services to meet customer cleaning needs
To offer the right results, Densu has designed its operations to constantly research into new areas of innovation in the detergent, disinfectant and polish business
Our products therefore are effective and efficient in getting their right reults

Our range of products 

Densu Industries continues to manufacture the best of high-quality cosmetics and efficient cleaning agents in Ghana and the West African sub-region. Our products include the following:

Industrial & Institutional Range

Densu Sanitizer

Densol Antiseptic
Densu Antiseptic
Densu Power Bleach
Manion Hygienic Wax Polish

Densu Concentrated Liquid Soap – Green
Densu Concentrated Liquid Soap – Orange

Home Care Range

Lemon Burst Hand Wash
Densu Power Bleach
Densu Concentrated Liquid Soap
Manion Hygienic Wax Polish

Personal Care & Hygiene Range

Densu Antiseptic
Safex DCP
Densu Sanitizer

Skin & Foot Care Range

Snowfire Skin Cleanser
Foot Care Solution
Snowfire Fortifying Shampoo
Snowfire Tangle-Free Conditioner

Our Customers & Clients

37 Military Hospital
Accra Polytechnic
Cocoa Clinic
Family Hospital
Police Hospital
University of Ghana Medical School
Palace Hypermarket
Odorna Clinic
St. Thomas Eye Clinic
Korle Bu NTC
Ghana Christian School
School of Pharmacy
GAFI Supermarket
UG Common Wealth Hall
Akuafo Hall, Legon Hall
Love Enterprise
Sira Lodge
You 84 Enterprise
Yaboat Enterprise
All needs Supermarket
Ekwaboat Enterprise
Jennikam Enterprise
Royal Pharmacy
Lily Enterprise
Ice Cool
Rev. Ernest Bruce Memorial School
Obo Trading
NDK Financial Services
Valley View Clinic

Why you should shop from Densu Industries Limited

Proven Track Record and Experience:
Densu Industries Limited's status as one of Ghana's oldest private companies speaks to its extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. With a long-standing history, our company has demonstrated its ability to adapt, innovate, and consistently deliver high-quality products. Customers can trust in the reliability and expertise that comes from years of successful operation
Commitment to Quality and Durability:
Densu Industries Limited focuses on manufacturing high-quality and durable products, including hand sanitizers, detergents, cosmetics, antiseptics, floor polishes, and disinfectants. By prioritizing quality, our customers can be confident that the products they purchase will meet or exceed industry standards, providing effective and long-lasting solutions for their needs
Comprehensive product range:
Densu Industries Limited offers a diverse range of products, covering various household and personal care needs. This comprehensive product range allows customers to conveniently source multiple essential items from a single trusted supplier. Whether it's hand sanitizers, detergents, cosmetics, antiseptics, floor polishes, or disinfectants, customers can find a wide array of products to meet different requirements from us
Adherence to Regulatory Standards:
Being a reputable company, Densu Industries Limited adheres to strict regulatory standards and quality control measures. This ensures that our products comply with safety and health regulations, providing customers with peace of mind regarding the safety and efficacy of the purchased items. Compliance with standards also reflects our company's commitment to responsible business practices
Customer-Centric Approach:
Densu Industries Limited's commitment to customer satisfaction is crucial. A customer-centric approach involves responsive customer service, clear communication, and a focus on meeting our customer needs. This can manifest in various ways, such as providing detailed product information, addressing customer inquiries promptly, and offering flexible purchasing options. Our positive customer experience enhances the overall value proposition and encourages repeat business with us


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