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  /  Snowfire Skin and Hair Care

Snowfire Skin and Hair Care

Snow fire Skin Cleanser is a highly effective skin cleanser that clears pimples and black spots. It also serves as a very good aftershave for men. It is packaged in 150ml bottles.
(30 bottles in a Carton).

 Highly effective skin cleanser

 Clears  pimples and black spots.

 A very good after shave.

Sweet-scented hair Shampoo formulated with quality cleaning agents that removes dirt, dust, and oils from hair leaving hair revitalized and clean. It comes in 44Litres and 1Litre.

Removes tangles from hair, making it smooth and easy to manage. It contains essential oil that makes the hair silky and shiny. Comes in 4Ltr and 1Ltr packs

Snow-fire Foot-rot Solution is solely formulated for the Prevention and treatment of foot-rot. It comes in one size,150mL bottles (24 bottles in a carton).

 For treatment and prevention of Foot-rot