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Institutional Packs

Densu Antiseptic is a powerful first class antiseptic which kill germs in homes, hospitals, schools and hotels. It contains
Chloroxylenol B.P. 2.4% as the active ingredient. Densu Antiseptic comes in 250ml, 500ml, 4litres and 1litre.
Densu Antiseptic guarantees you a germ-free environment.

Densu Sanitizer is a powerful disinfectant. It disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes floors and walls and keeps your entire environment FRESH all day. It is suitable for hotels, offices, clinics, and homes.

Densu Power Bleach(Parasone) disinfects, bleaches and kills germs. It is highly effective against fungi and viruses at the recommended dilution of 20ml per 5 litres of water. It comes in 44Litres and 1Litre. It is highly recommended for disinfecting hospitals, clinics, offices and private homes.

Our concentrated liquid soap (Perfumed) is ideal for general cleaning, washing, and Industrial. It comes in 4Litres, 1Litre, and industrial volume.

This powerful white fluid disinfectant contains Cresylic Creasate (27% w/v Phenols) which makes it very powerful and effective in disinfecting toilets, drains and gutters. The recommended dilution for all purpose usage is 3 tablespoonful of Denzal to 1 bucketful of water. It comes in 4Litres 1Litre 500ML

Densol is a powerful first class antiseptic which kills germs in homes, hospitals , clinics and hotels. It contains Chloroxle-nol B.P1.2% as the active ingredient. Densol guarantees you a germ-free environment. It is available in 44Litres 500ML and 250ML

Snowfire Hand Sanitizer has an active 70% alcohol content. It cleans all germs and bacteria on surfaces.

Mansion Hygienic Wax Polish: It gives a better shine and lasting protection to floors. The polish is manufactured in two colors. The transparent solution is ideal for terrazzo and tile surfaces, and red for wooden floors and parquets. Available in 3 sizes. 4kg, 1kg and 0.5kg