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Home Care

Our concentrated liquid soap (Perfumed) is ideal for general cleaning and washing. It comes in 4Litres and 1Litre

Lemon Burst hand wash is the preferred choice for washing hands with a refreshing effect. For use in homes hospitals and schools.Comes in 500ML pack

Mansion Hygienic Wax Polish gives a better shine and lasting protection to floors. This polish is manufactured in two colours, the white polish which is ideal for terrazzo and tile surfaces; and red alternative for wooden floors, carvings and parquets.

It comes in three sizes:

 5kg (4 gallons/carton)
 1kg (20 gallons/carton)
 0.5kg (40 bottles in a carton)

 Better shine and lasting protection for terrazzo and linoleum surfaces.

 Better shine and lasting protection for Wooden floors, carvings and parquets.

Densu Power Bleach(Parasone) disinfects, bleaches and kills germs. It is highly effective against fungi and viruses at the recommended dilution of 20ml per 5 litres of water. It comes in 44Litres and 1Litre. It is highly recommended for disinfecting hospitals, clinics, offices and private homes.